Evangelist Curtis Edwards
pre-modern preaching for post-modern people

A little bit about Curtis Edwards.... 
Curtis Edwards has been married to Eula for 49 years. They live in Metro Atlanta, and have two married daughters, two sons-in-law, and four grandchildren.

Gloriously saved from a long life of hypocricy & sin, he is an ordained minister in the church, and serves in the Wesleyan holiness tradition as Missionary-Evangelist in Africa, and Asia.

Additionally, Edwards' is involved in evangelism in a range of denominations. He spreads the message of scriptural holiness as a major core value. Edwards' widespread ministry includes preaching in numerous groups & denominations such as Presbyterian, Nazarene, Apostolic, Faith Evangelical, United Church of God, Baptist, Pentecostal, Free Methodist, Catholic, Independent, Church of God (Anderson), Methodist Episcopal, and Anglican.

He is the author of six books. 

Lastly, Edwards' enjoys Mexican cuisine, ice cream and french fries. :-)